Important message

Aug. 31, 2003  grave bug on sparc systems. until it's fixed please don't use it on sparc systems


Jan. 19, 2004  Gpasman 1.9.3 - minor changes like hide comments, copy username to clipboard, etc.
Mar. 28, 2003  1.3.1 - fixed password release (older gtk1 version).
Mar. 25, 2003  Gpasman 1.9.2 - fixed gtk 2.0.x build and other small fixes


People working with the internet have to remember lots of passwords. Saving them in a regular text file is not a good idea. If leave your desk somebody could take a look at the file and hack the systems.

That's why Olivier Sessink created Gpasman, a GTK password managing program. You now need to remember only the master password!

Is it secure?
That's the question that everybody needs to know. Gpasman encrypts it's data using the rc2 algorithm as described in RFC2268, and implemented in the rc2 library by Matthew Palmer. Gpasman uses your password as key (expanded to 128 bytes) to decrypt the data. On startup you have to type the password again, and then Gpasman is able to decrypt the datafile. If you type the wrong password, you can only see the unreadable result.


Encrypted does NOT mean you can send everybody this file without any dangers! Try to keep the datafile strictly for yourself! Datafiles with public readable permissions are not accepted by gpasman.